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Intelligent Planning and Focused Effort Have Finally Merged

Efficiency Starts with Our Interactive Appointment Calendar

Are you tired of sitting in physician waiting rooms for 45 minutes all to find out they have no time for you? It’s time to take a more planned approach to your business with VendorLink’s Interactive Appointment Calendar.

Wouldn’t you be more efficient if you could electronically schedule time to see physicians and know your schedule weeks in advance? The Interactive Appointment Calendar from VendorLink allows you to do exactly that. The calendar will automatically populate appointment times each physician’s office has available for vendors. Simply click on the open time slots for the appointments you want and you are set. VendorLink will send you a reminder RSVP 24 hours prior to your scheduled time and you simply click a button to confirm. If you can’t make it, an alert will be sent out to other vendors with the available appointment allowing someone else to take the scheduled time. VendorLink’s Interactive Appointment Calendar also levels the playing field by limiting the number of times a vendor is allowed to schedule an appointment with a specific office each month. No more driving around to offices or waiting around just to be shut out! Be more productive and efficient with VendorLink!

Get Info in to Your Physician’s Hands with the Click of a Mouse

Do you want the best way to get information on your newest product release into the hands of your physician? VendorLink offers an electronic library your doctors can access to see product information and more.

The VendorLink Library is a resource available to you to upload product information to share with your physicians. This is a great way for you to share new product information, studies, or just commonly requested material with a captive audience. No more digging up paper copies and driving them across town just to hand them to a secretary or to a physician who accidentally misplaces it or throws it in the garbage because her day is already too chaotic. Simply logon and upload.

Open Doors!

Whether you’re an experienced vendor who has a hard time getting in to particular offices or a new vendor getting stonewalled by every gatekeeper in town, VendorLink offers scheduled access to offices. With an open door, the stage is now set for you to get quality face time with your physicians.

Get access to your physicians and provide them with information whenever you need to. These are the doors VendorLink can open for you. The best part is your membership is an all access pass to every VendorLink office in the country. No fee per office or geographical area. One membership opens endless opportunities.

Time to Get Noticed

With the resources available to you through VendorLink, you can maximize your potential to be an asset your physicians and your company rely on for success.

By bringing efficiency into your schedule, you will now be able to focus on more important things like building sales. You can also become a greater asset to your current physicians by providing them with product information or samples when they want them. You now have an avenue to differentiate yourself and your product to a captive audience. You can also view physician profiles to understand their preferences in order to build your sales strategy. Become a member today and see all that Vendorlink can offer!