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See what VendorLink Can Do for You

It’s about Time…It’s about You

Stay focused on your priorities! Let VendorLink manage your sales reps and let your office staff manage your office. VendorLink is a solution that will improve your office efficiency, manage your vendors, and keep your office more safe and secure.

Take advantage of the multiple services VendorLink offers customers like you to decrease your practice’s liability and manage your vendor relationships more effectively. With all that goes on in your office, do you ever feel that everyone’s priorities come before yours? We know that as a physician, you play a bunch of different roles and have your own agenda to keep while interacting with many different people. Sometimes even your vendors forget you are the customer and your needs should come first. VendorLink is an ultra-low cost solution that manages your sales reps, office traffic, and even allows you to request samples and drug information electronically so you can stay focused on your priorities while keeping your practice operating efficiently. VendorLink also assists in safeguarding your office by ensuring vendors have background checks, vaccinations, HIPAA training and are not on government exclusion lists. Read about each of our service offerings below.

Manage Your Rep Sales Calls with Our Interactive Calendar.

Take back control of your office with the Interactive Appointment Calendar from VendorLink! Completely manage your vendor traffic, office access and allow office personnel to concentrate on your practice instead of being bogged down with managing the appointments and requests of outside vendors.

VendorLink’s proprietary Interactive Appointment Calendar allows you to set times during the week when you want to allow vendors into your office. Simply access your VendorLink Interactive Appointment Calendar on your profile page and set the days and times you have available for your vendors. Vendors will see these available time slots for your office on their VendorLink calendar and can set an appointment by simply clicking on the open time slot. You will also have the ability to set restrictions on certain vendors (for example you can now restrict office access for Drug Rep John Talksalot to once every 6 weeks or completely eliminate access to vendors not acting in compliance with your office policies). The VendorLink Interactive Appointment Calendar will notify your office staff which vendors are visiting your office each week. This eliminates vendors waiting around your office who just want to make a sales pitch or obtain a signature at an inconvenient or unapproved time. VendorLink will remove the distracting vendor phone calls and scheduling hassles so your office personnel can get back to focusing on your office and your practice.

Samples On Demand™

Get what you need when you need it! It’s time to demand better service and VendorLink makes that possible.

Samples On Demand™ is an exclusive feature provided by VendorLink. If you need samples, simply logon to your VendorLink profile and click Samples On Demand™. Select which sample you need and you’re done! VendorLink takes care of the rest by notifying the specific rep of your request and allowing office access to drop off the sample requested.

Do you really know who is coming into your office?

We live in an age where safety and security are paramount to you, your employees and your patients. It’s time to reduce your risk and liability while protecting your practice and your patients. VendorLink’s Safe Advantage System ensures your vendors have a complete background check, are not on government watch lists or exclusion lists, are fully trained by their company, are insured, and have any vaccinations your office requires.

A new vendor shows up at your office… can you trust this person? What if this vendor is on a Medicare exclusion list, or has been convicted of identity theft, or maybe has TB? They are coming into contact with your entire office and your patients. You have the right to know if the vendors you are doing business with are trustworthy. With VendorLink’s Safe Advantage System you can be confident your vendors are properly credentialed and screened before and while they perform business with you. Our organization ensures vendors have successfully completed a criminal background check and a government watch list screening, are not on federal or state exclusion lists, have proper training and are up to date on their vaccinations. VendorLink’s Safe Advantage System can help reduce your office liability by certifying each vendor has been HIPAA trained and has general liability insurance. VendorLink also gives your office the flexibility to generate its own policies at any time for vendors to acknowledge. Get peace of mind with the Safe Advantage System only from VendorLink.