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Tested. Trusted. Secure.

VendorLink provides a proprietary software platform that allows you to manage your vendors while making your facility safer for your employees and your patients. Our credentialing standards and cutting-edge technology are developed with safety as a top priority. Our software has been rigorously evaluated and has received approval for its efficacy by Federal Agents from the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice.

Flexible Platform Gives You Control.

VendorLink’s proprietary software gives your facility the freedom to control as much or as little as you require with regards to the management of your vendors. Vendors can receive basic credentialing and unlimited access, or you can have them participate in a more involved process including the acknowledgment of your facility’s specific standards, policies and protocols with access by appointment only. Our flexible platform allows you to create your own standards with any combination of vendor screening and facility access options.


Transparency made simple.

  • Know who is in your facility at any given time and what they are doing
  • Know if vendors are providing gifts or other items of monetary value
  • Easy to use platform for convenient real-time monitoring

How it Works

  • Vendors register and are directed to submit information to satisfy required credentials
  • VendorLink verifies the following for each vendor:
    • Completed background check
    • Employer history verification
    • Applicants name against several government watch lists and exclusion lists
    • Completed drug test
    • General liability coverage
    • Vaccinations are up to date
  • VendorLink manages ALL vendor documents for the facility
  • Once Vendor is credentialed, a badge for access is sent out to vendor
  • VendorLink aids your facility in setting-up a sign-in kiosk where vendors swipe their VendorLink badge to sign-in and out of your facility

It’s Easy to Get Started & Easy to Manage
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